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Tonic Tutor for iOS!

Feb 15th, 2016

Posted by William

Download the app here!

We're very excited to let everyone know that there's a Tonic Tutor iOS app available to download at the link above. It's a free app -- we will be selling simplified standalone versions of our games, but the main app will always be available for free for everyone.

While it currently only has three games (Piggybank, Stick People, and Note Bird), the rest is pretty much 100% complete. You can assign lessons, edit game settings, pretty much anything you can do on the Tonic Tutor site. We've included a list below of the games in the order we'll be adding them, based on how many times each game has been included in an active lesson.

When you load up the app after downloading it, you'll be prompted to enter an API key. You can find your unique key by logging into your Tonic Tutor account on your computer and clicking on the profile button near the top of your screen. More than one account can be added on one device which means that if you have an iPad in your studio all of your students can work on Tonic Tutor on a single device. All of the data is still stored on our servers, so they can seamlessly work on their lesson on multiple devices, at home or in your studio.

We've tried to test everything as much as possible, but if you do experience any crashes or bugs, please send us an email at help@tonictutor.com.
A description of what you do before a crash will help us reproduce the problem and fix it.

After a year of working on the app, we're incredibly excited to get it into your hands. Our goal is to focus our attention on the iOS app and then look into Android next. Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

The list of games in the order we plan to add them:

1. Piano Keys
2. Piano Chords
3. Trains
4. Jungle Journey
5. Dancing Jelly Beans
6. Lasers
7. Boxing Glove
8. Mini Monster
9. Stars
10. Player Piano
11. Gumballs
12. Eggs
13. Blocks
14. Robot
15. Lollipops
16. Planets
17. Aquarium
18. Ice Cream
19. Rock Climber
20. Finger Puppets
21. Seeds
22. Rhythm Zoo
23. Mushrooms
24. Light Bulbs
25. Pizza
26. Magnets
27. Interval Memory
28. Term Memory
29. Key Signature Snap
30. Note Snap
31. Blobs
32. Mystery Note
33. Broken Gramophone
34. Ladybug
35. Baseball
36. Circles
37. Chord Colours

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JJs Piano Studio

Can't wait to check it out! Thanks!!

Feb 15th 2016, 18:23



Feb 23rd 2016, 13:47


It's finally here!!!!!!!! You have made my kids' day!

Feb 15th 2016, 23:15



Feb 23rd 2016, 13:48


Wonderful news! Looking forward to this move to iPad use in my studio!

Feb 16th 2016, 23:22



Feb 23rd 2016, 13:48



Feb 23rd 2016, 13:48


Do you have a rough idea of the time it will take to implement a new game?

Feb 23rd 2016, 19:13

Will (Admin)

Hi Jason,

Our goal is one game a week, though it's possible some games might take a bit longer to complete. I'm just finishing Piano Keys and Piano Chords, I should be submitting an update with those two games to Apple by the end of the week. In our experience so far it takes around 2-3 days for Apple to review updates, so those games should be available next week. I'll be posting a Tutor Talk every time an update for the App goes live with information on what's in the update.

Feb 24th 2016, 16:48

Will (Admin)

The 1.02 update should now be live, it adds both Piano Keys and Piano Chords. I'm currently working on Trains, it should be available in an update in roughly a week.

Mar 3rd 2016, 20:13