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iOS: Piano Keys & Piano Chords

Mar 3rd, 2016

Posted by William

Version 1.02 of the Tonic Tutor iOS app is now live, adding Piano Keys and Piano Chords to the list of available games. It also adds legends to the settings for Jungle Journey, Trains, and all of the games that use note ranges for treble, bass, alto, and tenor clefs (such as NoteBird). I'm currently working on Trains, hopefully that will be available in an update sometime next week.

If you have any feedback, please let us know, we'd love to hear it.

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Just downloaded it - thank you! This looks like it will be make tonic tutor much more accessible to my students! So far it's working well!

Mar 19th 2016, 23:31


The games that are out are working well. How goes the implementation of new games? It's been a while since a new one came out...

Jul 14th 2016, 16:59