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Help us make Tonic Tutor better!

Nov 14th, 2017

Posted by William

We've been working on an updated version of Tonic Tutor that we'd like to share with everyone. It's mobile friendly and introduces some changes we hope will make Tonic Tutor easier to use.

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Some Unfortunate News

Jan 25th, 2017

Posted by William

We are very sorry to announce that we will be halting development of the iOS Tonic Tutor app for the foreseeable future. We have had an update with Lasers ready to go since early December. However, Apple refused to accept the update until we added subscriptions into the app.

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Nov 17th, 2016

Posted by William

Our payment gateway, Chargify, now offers a way to automatically handle referrals. If you refer a new user who signs up for a paid monthly subscription plan, they'll receive 50% off of their first month, and you will receive a $5 credit towards your account automatically.

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Tonic Tutor iOS - Jungle Journey

Nov 2nd, 2016

Posted by William

If you update the Tonic Tutor iOS App, you and your students should now have access to Jungle Journey. The keyboard in Piano Chords and Piano Keys is also a bit larger, so it should be much easier to select keys.

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October Update

Oct 5th, 2016

Posted by William

Just a quick update on the status of our iOS app. We've finished Jungle Journey, one of our more complicated games, so we'll be updating the app with that new game very soon.

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Fall 2016 Update

Aug 25th, 2016

Posted by William

We hope everyone had a relaxing summer! We have an update for everyone about what's going on behind the scenes here and what to expect over the next year.

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Reminder: July & August are free

Jun 24th, 2016

Posted by William

We just wanted to remind everyone that if you subscribe to Tonic Tutor, we give everyone July & August for free. You don't need to do anything on your end.

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iOS: Piano Keys & Piano Chords

Mar 3rd, 2016

Posted by William

Version 1.02 of the Tonic Tutor iOS app is now live, adding Piano Keys and Piano Chords.

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Tonic Tutor for iOS!

Feb 15th, 2016

Posted by William

Download the app here!

We're very excited to let everyone know that there's a Tonic Tutor iOS app available to download at the link above.

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Big plans for 2015

Dec 23rd, 2014

Posted by William

Tired of Tonic Tutor games not working on your favourite Apple device? We're working on a Tonic Tutor iOS app that will work on Apple phones and tablets that should be ready for release next year

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